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Oct 5, 2012 9:00pm CDT
latino comedians where here to introduce you to one of chicago's very own if you walk at all into a comedy scene you may have heard the mark but tonight he is being highlighted for the work that he does off season. if your expectations and a man are low i'm your man. this stand-up in chicago has just blown up and michael may very well be the face leading its entire community has rallied behind comedy shows with a latino flare. there were three latino comedians 27 locals on my cell phone right now the show started all little over a decade ago but the idea goes further back. comedian freddie prince in the '70s may be to blame for it. >> i just thought some of those stories are me i thought myself i want to do that one day but before the day came there were some stops along the way and stand in the military and also worked as a deity his childhood also certainly shaped him and his humor. my dad bill to a grocery store here and years later i was caught shoplifting and his own grocery store. so she has come a long way a week ago we followed him on what was a past show mike the ri
Oct 25, 2012 9:00pm CDT
below normal. did you see the storm's coming through? they were pretty ominous. michael latino capture this from rockford illinois and josh was out with his camera in buckingham illinois. that is one angry sky and here is another in buildthunderstorm. they produce quite a temperature drop that is the big story. our day is starting out with lots of sunshine we had a temperature up to 77 today at the lakefront. we are 30 degrees off the day's low and will be 27 degrees colder tomorrow than today. what a change a couple of hours makes still raining and in pockets you can see in the three-dimensional radar the piles of clouds flashing lightning mainly to the east of us. these are areas where temperatures are colder than 24 hours ago. almost 6 in. of snow in nebraska today. measurable snow that went into parts of minnesota. not much additional snow expected in those areas. the dew point which was up in the '60s is down to 45 with 93 percent humidity at this point. we have some chilly day is on the way. we have the 40's forecast high temperatures during the day saturday and the wind chills
Oct 10, 2012 9:00pm CDT
to work on campus make things even more difficult for latino students who rarely have the luxury of going to school full-time. at the casa students have room to work in a dorm like atmosphere that can hold up to 100 kids in a team of resident advisers with five college students sharing a spacious kitchen living room and community study area, because suppositions looklook, suppositions youngforla casa positions young people for a success. la focus we have a link to phone numbers and other vital information to help you get started. still ahead, a scathing report released today about lance armstrong and doping allegations. [ male announcer ] you know that guy who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. eat like that guy you know. let's turn to tom skilling in those weather center. >> you will like tomorrow it will be windy but it will get warmer friday cools off and the weekend warms up. we are u
Oct 15, 2012 9:00pm CDT
to ever leave this place. you don't see a lot of mentor and shipped in the latino community. all of their high school graduates go on to college into many of them pursued degrees in the arts. atm see member since he was 7 years old is currently a freshman in western michigan university going for eight bfa theater. they have helped me so much to branch out and how to express my passion every time you hit the stage. commerical center just purchased a building where it will have its own auditory and plenty of teens to house here. >> miracles really do happen here. >> it's open to people of all ages. >> coming up, step aside a great pumpkin brought to you by a guy named joe how he grew this. and another great, gabby douglass wowsers in chicago believes the leotard at home. >> we may have some water for the pumpkins later in the week. this thing will park over us. we have a lot of whether to talk about, 68 tomorrow. temperatures flirting with 70 on sunday and monday around here. we are out in about our warmest season temperatures. it welcome home party for gabby douglass in india
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4